A New Shape

by Jon Fazzaro

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    "One-man musical dervish Jon Fazzaro rocks with the hyperactive power of an atom smasher. Fans of Fishbone will get their funky freak on while Tool fans mosh to the powerful grooves. Impassioned vocals and complex polyrhythms keep the proceedings lively."
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released November 16, 2001

All songs written, performed, recorded and (c) 2001 Jon Fazzaro
except "Strawberry Fields Forever", written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, (c) 1967 Northern Songs, Ltd. and featuring Amanda Bakle on vocals.


all rights reserved



Jon Fazzaro Fort Wayne, Indiana

Quid pro quo, baby.

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Track Name: A New Shape
on my back,
down on a table.
and i hold the surgeon's knife.
one shadow shakes a sick vibration,
and one shadow seeks new light.

and every time we take a step
toward our final temptation,
it takes a step away.

i look into the mouth of the blue machine
that once carried me unaware.
my gleaming blade makes its entrance.
strange that i should feel it tear.

my hand shakes from pain
and the memory of you.
and there's someone else here
but i can't see who.

my vehicle, empty, dissected.
the surgeon takes a bow.
looking down from three feet higher
it shines so clearly now.

i cut a hole in myself,
split my heart into two,
sewed the wound
and expected to live it like you.

i see it all now.
it's so clear.
take me back down.

by the blood on this knife
by this heart in my hand
by this finger caressing my pineal gland
a new light is shone.
a new light can see.
a new shadow is cast in the new shape of me.
Track Name: Sh
quiet is our music.
its movement in the air is slow.
forgive me if i am silent.
i am uneasy around people i don't know.
i just stopped by to say hello.

i just want to be a good boy.
i just want to stay clean.
i want something closer and warmer than we have been.
you say it's ok.
you tell me everything is fine.
you want to separate my eyes from all the things that they could only see in time.

yet i fall into your arms and my trust for you is blind.

i just want to know life.
you don't know what i mean.
you want the good life.
i am happy and lean.

i just don't know.

look beyond all that is earthly.
you say you can't see how.
suddenly it's cold
and we are naked now.

you are the devil.
i can see that now.
and now this ring of fire around me goes out.

suddenly it's dark, and you hang like a cloud.
and i wonder why i never wondered it out loud.

Track Name: Water
it's hot. i can't see.
i'm blind from the sun and the sand.
every inch of my skin is cracked and sunk in
like the wicked old map in my hand.
i'm dying for a drop to drink.
can you show me the way to the river?
i'm crying, but i have no tears
so i just curl back my lips and i shiver.

will i drink today?
when will the rain come?
maybe i'll just fill my mouth up with sand
and i'll choke and pretend
it's the water.

it's hot. i am tired.
i sink to my knees in the sand.
i slip into the dark black womb of sleep
as my eye begins to expand.
i dream i am drowning in the depths of the sea.
i drink as i die, as i gurgle and cry,
it could be worse.
at least i'm not dying of thirst.

the salt stings my throat
my kingdom for a boat
i wake with a scar and i taste what is real
cause my thirst is a meal for the water.

there's a touch on my shoulder.
i turn, and no one is there.
but before my sad gaze, an oasis for days.
a new answer to my old prayer.
and i can't help but think
that i'm sure to sink.
so i don't have a throat.
and i cannot drink.
so i turn and i walk and cough and i choke
because my heart was broken in water.
Track Name: Twelve Foot Stare In A Six Foot Room
i love you so you love me.
i don't know how else to be.
empty tears, empty face.
empty years in empty space.

simple me, simple you.
simple was denial, too.
empty chair where you sat.
is it as simple as all that?

reaching for myself, finding only you
and a tiny black box that is fading to blue.
everything we say, everything we do.
everything we've been through and been through.
we already know that which we need to know,
but i'm so exhausted from telling you so
and from sweating in your bed.
i know we're fucking again and again
but i can't feel a thing.

what is this we do, what is this we say?
what is this anger that never goes away?
intimidated by your love like a gun
but why can't i run?
Track Name: Air
when you breathe
i watch your chest go up and down
and i wish i was the air.

and the way the air can touch you deep inside
is the way i wish i could love you.

and i do.

but i know
that sometimes you wonder
where the air has gone.

and you know
it's not that hard to see.

and i know
that sometimes you wonder
where my love has gone.

but you know
it's not that hard to see.

it's all around you.
just open your eyes and breathe it in.
Track Name: A Hole In The Bottom
we see our friends out on the ocean
and their boat is shining new,
and it's all meant to be.
but there's a hole in the bottom,
and there's a hole in the bottom of the deep blue sea.

interlocking waves of existance
travelling on love across a distance
but it's plain to see that there's a boat at the bottom
and there's a hole in the ocean where our friends used to be.

far from the beach, sky and water come together as one.
but our friends' hesperus smashed upon the waves of expectation.

and down by the beach, there's a patch of green i use to lay and think about my friends,
and to second guess my faith and why i call mother m
to be cradled in her arms
when all i really want is to strap on weights and swim.
Track Name: Earth
space travel made him high.
farewell never spoken, but hey, what a guy.

astronaut, he was not. he was a sweet sheltered son.
but while we slept he strapped his helmet on.

space travel took him far.
but the lack of any gravity was so bizarre.

"come back down to earth," said the voice in his ear.
"come back down to earth. we miss you here."

space travel made him a man.
but we miss that little boy.

maybe that was his plan.

"come back down to earth," said the voice in his ear.
"come back down to earth."

"if you still can hear, come back down."